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If you are interested in Filipino Martial arts you have landed in the right place! this site will give you access to information about the top level Filipino Martial Arts instructors in the UK, all with proven lineage to the Grandmasters of the Philippines.

John Harvey WEKAF

An introduction from the Chairman

I am sure most people have heard of me even if you have not met me. I was involved in the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation and am a founder member since 1989. I was involved in this organisation for many years so I have got first-hand knowledge how an organisation runs on a day to day basis. With WEKAF I became World Champion 4 times, I was also European Champion and British Champion many times.

I have been doing martial arts now for over 40 years. I started training with Bob Breen many years ago doing Karate then on to JKD and Eskrima. I got involved in Arnis/Eskrima after going to the first WEKAF World Championships in the Philippines in 1989. When we started WEKAF in Great Britain we just a very small organisation but we grew it into one of the biggest organisations promoting stick fighting in Europe.  This is what I hope to do with BCKEAI with the help of all the guys on The Board to make it the biggest and the best organisation for any style or group of Arnis/Eskrima members to be a part of.

This is going to be a hard task following guys like Darren Davies who was Chairperson since 2012. This is not going to be easy but we must look to the future and plan events which we hope will bring Eskrima into the main stream of martial arts and not just something which other martial artists add onto their system.

We had a great weekend in Peterborough at our annual festival and now we must build on this. First of all we have got the padded stick tournament in Huddersfield in December 2014. I have put in motion one of the things we discussed at the festival and this is regional events with the first one being in Bristol for guys in the South West.  This will probably be in March 2015. I have got a positive response from the guys who run The Seni about doing a FMA area at this event so it is looking good for BCKEAI.

This can be a great success if we all work together and support each other and do it with respect and honour.

John Harvey